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Old-Fashioned Flavor

On the flavor front, this chicken has a robust flavor profile that will wow your customers and bring your recipes to a whole new level. By raising these birds outside on grass in a slower growth environment, our birds consume a varied diet of grasses, seeds, bugs, worms, and quality feed instead of 99% corn and soy. The result is magical taste that brings back the essence of rich, tasty poultry through every single cut.

Our foreign chefs all agree American chicken is one of the most tasteless products available and needs to be helped along with a multitude of herbs and spices to make it even palatable. Not with Pasturebird! Combine that with a very low stress, happy and healthy life spent in their natural environment (outside on grass) and you have a great starting point for chicken that will blow your customers away.

We'd love to provide you with a wholesale sample to try for yourself. We're positive that you will notice a significant difference in flavor, and you’ll want to vote with your fork for a more nutritious, sustainable, and tasty chicken from Pasturebird.