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Pasturebird: Bringing Ethically Produced Food to the Table

Sometimes life has a funny way of leading you in the direction you’re meant to be.

What began as a way for our family to eat better and feel better, somehow turned into a full time business! If you’ve ever tried or heard about the benefits of a paleo diet, that’s where it all began for us. Farmer Paul decided to see what all the hype with the paleo diet was about after growing tired of dealing with joint pain, low energy, and disturbed sleep. As a lifelong athlete, former Marine, avid Crossfitter, and generally active guy, dealing with full-blown arthritis symptoms while still in his 20s was a definite wake up call that something needed to change. We are on a mission at Pasturebird to bring ethically produced food to the table.

Benefits of a Paleo Diet

The paleo diet has been known to reduce inflammation, improve glucose tolerance, and contribute to weight loss. It emphasizes eating a diet similar to what our early human ancestors ate prior to the rise of modern farming practices, and focuses on a diet heavy in fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, and avoiding dairy, grains, and refined sugars. 

  • Cutting out refined sugars improves insulin levels and avoids the fatigue your body feels after a sugar crash
  • Eating paleo naturally focuses on consuming anti-inflammatory foods, and can reduce your body’s overall inflammation
  • A diet focused on lean meats, healthy fats, and vegetables helps to contribute to lean muscle mass, and a paleo diet’s emphasis on protein helps you feel fuller for longer, contributing to weight loss

After only two weeks, Paul began to feel healthier, happier, and saw the physical symptoms that had plagued him fade away. His journey inspired the rest of the family to make the shift into eating a whole-foods based, nutrient dense diet focusing on grassfed and pasture raised meats, healthy fats, and lots of veggies. Part of this lifestyle change was learning more about where our food came from, and the quality of the ingredients we were putting in our bodies. 

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

The “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” program was started by the USDA in 2009 to draw attention and aid to small and mid-sized farms and encourage support for regional agriculture. When you support regional and local agriculture, you have an opportunity to not only see where your food is coming from, learn about the farm, and monitor the farmer’s practices, but you’re also giving back to that local community. One of the reasons we offer tours of our farm is that we want to be completely transparent, and highlight our ethical and responsible farming practices. We also want our consumers and neighbors to feel connected to our farm and the mission behind it. We offer local and community events and farm tours, and invite customers to visit us in-person whenever possible. 

For consumers that don’t live nearby, we post photos and videos on our social media pages regularly, so you can follow along with our farming experience and get to know where your food comes from. Please follow us on social media and see what we're up to!  We totally believe in the power of buying local, but we also know that not everyone has access to pasture raised poultry in their community, and a huge part of our mission is making our wholesome, nutrient dense, and ethically produced pasture raised chicken available to everyone. 

We believe that everyone should have access to ethically-produced, nutritious food. That’s why we offer free nationwide home delivery - to get our products into as many homes as possible so that other people can benefit from eating pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free meat the way our family did. 

What Makes Pasturebird Different?

We started Pasturebird because when we changed our lifestyle and diet, and put a focus on eating fresh, wholesome and ethically produced food, we were having a hard time trusting the labels we saw in the grocery stores. It was really important to us to put our money behind companies with high ethical standards and who put animal welfare at the top of their priorities. But we felt pretty let down by our experiences -  we felt that we were paying more for high quality meat but couldn’t really trust that we were getting what we paid for. The “antibiotic free” chicken we were buying wasn’t free of antibiotics after all, and we learned that “free range” chickens sometimes never even went outside! 

A half-joking family discussion about getting some chickens for our backyard so we could really trust the quality of our food, morphed into a family-run company that allows us to provide other individuals and families with the high quality, accessible food that you can feel good about eating - both because it tastes amazing, and because running an ethical company that prioritizes animal welfare and regenerative agriculture just as much as profit is our main goal. 

We are able to avoid pumping our chickens full of antibiotics and hormones because we provide them instead with fresh air, sunshine, a nutrient dense diet, and humane living space. When chickens are crammed on top of each other in a dark, crowded space (common with most conventionally-raised poultry), antibiotics are pretty much a given. Because the chickens have very little space, infection can spread like wildfire.  At Pasturebird, our chickens are given a humane amount of living space, and they spend every day outdoors, protected from the elements and predators and able to forage for insects, worms, nuts, and seeds, the way chickens were meant to do. This foraging provides nutrient-dense supplement to their diet, and they have the benefit of fresh air and sunshine. A healthy diet and lifestyle strengthen our chicken’s immune systems naturally, and we don’t need to pump them full of antibiotics to fight disease. 

Whether you’re turning to pasture raised meat for nutritional reasons, or because you’re invested in becoming a more ethically conscious consumer, you’ll find Pasturebird poultry checks all those boxes. Our pasture raised chicken is nutritionally superior, with 50% more vitamin A, three times the omega 3s, and 21 percent less fat than conventionally raised chicken. The same lifestyle that contributes to the nutritional food print of our chicken also contributes to the birds’ overall happiness - you can feel good about supporting a company that offers ethically and humanely raised chickens, and one that produces meat that not only tastes better, but IS better. 

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