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Why it's More Important than Ever to Support Ethical Businesses

Why It’s More Important than Ever to Support Ethical Businesses

We’re diverging a little bit from our usual topics to open a discussion that we feel is timely and important, given current events. Many of us have likely felt the pinch of our changing economy, and the effect it has on our wallets, whether it be at the gas pump or in the grocery store. It’s tempting (and maybe necessary) to tighten purse strings in an attempt to combat these rising prices, and for many this will include changing their food buying habits and consumption habits to purchase the least expensive option. 

For many agricultural businesses and other ethical companies, this is a scary prospect. Higher gas prices, and higher prices in general due to inflation, are definitely causing farms and other small businesses to feel the pinch. And while many factory farms are continuing on as usual with their bottom-line profit-driven practices, ethical businesses, including farms, are struggling to continue to keep their ethical business practices in the face of rising prices and an uncertain economy, and they deserve our support now more than ever.  

At Pasturebird, we were consumers before we were farmers, and we recognize the importance of budgeting when times are hard. But as consumers, we made it a point to educate ourselves on the negative impacts of the agricultural industry and the misleading labels from many of the large agri-businesses that focus more on profit than the quality of their products and the impact of their farming practices. As consumers and farmers, we believe it’s more important than ever to support the farms that are attempting to offset these negative impacts and focus on important missions like regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, and making a positive social impact as a company. The farmers who continue to pursue their livelihood in the face of mounting obstacles, both environmental and economic, and remain transparent to their customers, deserve the support of the communities that they help to sustain.  

Pasturebird Combines Small Farm Ethos with Larger Production

We’ve realized quite a bit of growth since we started Pasturebird a few years ago, and while we may no longer be considered a small farm, and are fortunate to be partnered with a larger ethical company like Perdue, we still operate with the ethos of a small farm - we make the land and the animals a priority, rather than focusing solely on our profits.  Our ethics are at the forefront of what we do, and always will be. It’s why we started this company in the first place. While we’re all about supporting local farms, we recognize that some folks may not have access to local farms that they can support. Pasturebird makes ethically produced chicken available nationwide, and people can still feel good about their purchase because they are supporting a company that focuses on regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, and transparency. When we started this farm, we had no idea that in just a few short years we’d be able to ship our pasture raised chicken nationwide, making it possible for people who may not have the access or ability to support small local farms to still receive ethically produced, healthy, pasture raised chicken shipped to their homes. 

We believe in the quality of our products and in the importance of our business practices. By focusing on the health of our animals and the environment, we’re able to raise chickens that are much healthier than their conventional counterparts, and their meat provides many nutritional benefits that you just don’t get from conventionally raised chicken. The growth of industrial agriculture has not only increased the prevalence of large scale agricultural processes that have an incredibly negative impact on the environment, but it further contributes to the widespread public health crisis related to poor nutrition. 

We’ve talked a lot in past posts about the health benefits of pasture raised chicken as compared to its factory farmed counterparts. Our sustainable and regenerative farming practices are directly responsible for the production of higher quality pasture raised chicken. When the production of food is managed by industries with profit at the forefront, the quality of the food will suffer in exchange for greater output and higher profit margins. By supporting ethical farms that focus on producing nutrient dense food for the good of their customers and doing so sustainably for the good of the environment, you’re helping to ensure that these farms can survive. 

Support for Ethical Businesses and Farms is Crucial

Ethical farms that make animal welfare and regenerative agriculture a priority and refuse to give up on responsible farming practices, dedication to their community, and love for the animals they raise and land that they tend, despite a changing world and frightening economy deserve as much support as consumers can give them right now. Can you find cheaper products elsewhere? Probably. But will you feel good about those purchases, knowing that your dollars are supporting companies that might put profit before ethics and production over sustainability? 

These uncertain times are affecting other ethical businesses too, not just farms. This uncertain economy will likely mean the end of many businesses, and when you find farms or businesses that you trust and respect, your support is more important than ever. You may have already done your research and have a list of farms and businesses you feel deserve your support. If you’re new to conscious consumerism and need some resources, Land to Market provides a list of over 100 companies that use regenerative practices, and Ethical Consumer provides a ranking of thousands of brands across the board based on their ethics, from fashion and beauty to food and drink. There are a lot of ways that we can all cut back in the face of current events and a changing economy - but not by abandoning ethical or regenerative farmers and other businesses that are continuing to make ethics a priority. By supporting these businesses now, we’re helping to ensure that they can survive these tough times and help to change their industries for the better, in the long run. 

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